🎥 The REel Take with Janelle

Looking for a smarter way to spend your tax refund check? It’s tax refund season and if you’re looking for ways to put that money to work for you instead of blowing your refund check on something like a new designer wardrobe from Gucci, or a full body massage from a celebrity, Here are 7 ways to use your tax refund to build some wealth in real estate:

1) Put it toward the downpayment on a house, and since you may need less of a downpayment that you think, it’s a great way to get started! Talk to your lender about options for putting down less than 20%.
2) Apply it toward closing costs - If you have your downpayment covered, apply it toward lender costs you’ll pay at closing.
3) Use it to cover moving costs, maybe that could make moving a little more fun knowing it’s paid for already?
4) Pay down your debt, improve your credit score, and lower your interest rate
5) Start an emergency fund to cover several months of expenses, your just in case fund.
6) Make upgrades and needed repairs to your home to help you get it ready to sell and be able to sell your home for a higher price
7) Use it to finance a second home, investment, or rental property - there’s no better way to build wealth than investing in real estate, especially here in Dallas!

Your money is in the mail... give some thought to how you can make it grow even more! DM us for details and more ideas!

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