Preparing Summer Activities for Your Family



One of the best ways to avoid being blindsided by bored children running amok through the house is to have a schedule to keep them occupied! Most homes struggle between keeping to a hard-set routine or keeping it loosy-goosy, but the reality is kids love routine! So working in a schedule for the days they are out of school just may save your sanity! Especially here in Dallas/Fort Worth when the heat can add to the boredom!


Transforming your home into a temporary summer camp can be challenging, but it will be rewarding. Who ever regrets spending quality fun time with family?! Especially for moms and dads who work from home, it makes life easier and less stressful when your children engage in planned activities throughout the day.


Even if you haven't gotten into your dream home or you're outgrowing your current home, finding activity space where ever you live is important for the kids when they are home for Summer. This season could be a good time to contact The Indigo Skye Group to look at your homebuying options! 


Get Prepared for Summer Fun


When preparing summer activities for your family, it’s good to know what activities are being considered and how you are going to pull them off! Making it happen in a timely manner will depend on your budget and the tools and resources you have at your disposal.


Purchase Your Tickets Early


When you’re planning an outing for long weekends, or things to do throughout the summer, make sure that you’ve booked ahead. It seems like people are out in mass these days no matter what you’re doing, so make sure you call a head to the museum, campgrounds, RV park, hotel, or theme park - whatever you are getting out to do –  to make sure you have tickets or reservations, and that you’re prepared with snacks and food choices all ages will love.


Make a Weekly Calendar


Planning your week is a fun activity in itself that even the kids can take a part in. Give the whole family something to look forward to on those lazy and sometimes “boring” Sunday afternoons. Get a chalkboard to hang in the kitchen or living area and keep a running list of tantalizing upcoming events. Some ideas might be:


  • Your favorite meal night, like taco night or pizza night
  • Painting or crafts projects
  • Pool day at grandpas
  • Movie night
  • Play date bonus day
  • Family walk time
  • Morning at the park
  • Grill out night
  • Postcard writing
  • Fine arts practice time (dancers, musicians, sports kids and artists)


The list is only limited by your imagination and the things your family loves to do. Keep it flexible and if you work outside the home then arrange these projects and activities for the evening and the weekends. But for the at home parents, keeping your kids on a schedule of fun activities can be a lifesaver when they get out of school for the summer.


Practice is fun too!


It is important not to forget to keep your talented children on a personal practice schedule throughout the summer. Even though they may go to dance or music lessons, or be in a team sport, encourage their own personal time practicing on what they love. This is a great way to teach them excellent habits for growing up and excelling in the craft.


Planning Your Vacation and Special Trips


If you’re planning a vacation this year, then make it visible to the family by putting it on your chalkboard or whiteboard. Create a project timeline and include details and deadlines you have to meet. Add things like this:


  • Vacation or special event/trip activity name
  • Depart date and return date
  • First destination
  • Where you’ll be staying
  • Any secondary stops
  • Accommodations
  • Special destinations like favorite restaurants or theme parks to be included in the trip
  • Highlighted places or events included in the trip and the dates
  • Targeted deadline dates for accommodations, booking reservations to your favorite restaurants, theme park tickets, and any other tickets or accommodations that need to be taken care of in advance.


There’s so much to include on vacation itineraries so be generous with the information. This will be great for kids of all ages and help to keep the grownups on track with the preparations.


When planning travel for families, organization and attention to details is essential. So dream it up, write it down, execute it and have a blast!!  And if you are thinking about selling or buying your new home this season, The Indigo Skye Group can help you understand the current market, your options, and how you can comfortably get into your new dream home! Maybe this year a STAYCATION is what you really want! 

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