Janelle's Update: Fall Is the New Spring...Seriously?


Fall Is the New Spring... Seriously?

I LOVE when the leaves start turning… I LOVE cool, crisp mornings, college football, and almost everything single thing about Fall. 

So this week when I saw the headline “Fall is the new Spring”, I got a little worried because I don’t want to lose my favorite season!
Fortunately, they weren’t referring to the weather or the actual seasons… they were referring to the Dallas Housing Market. 
And in this case, I believe they’re right…  Fall IS the new Spring.

This doesn’t mean that Fall is suddenly more fashionable, and doesn’t mean that selling or buying a home later in the year is now better than earlier. What it does mean is that with record low mortgage rates, high buyer demand, and shrinking inventory (meaning fewer and fewer homes on the market), our housing market’s busy season is being pushed forward into the Fall and perhaps even through the end of the year.

Be sure to watch the video for some encouraging trends and numbers we’ve been tracking… and, you’ll find out if your neighborhood is one of the areas where prices have increased!? 


A lot can still happen from now through the end of the year: we have cooler weather, lots more football, an ongoing pandemic, an election, and the holidays, but if the trends continue, total closed sales and sales volume for 2020 will definitely surpass 2019. That is an incredible feat…  especially given all that we have overcome so far this year.

Investing in real estate in Dallas, as a place to call home or a place to seek returns and cash flow, continues to be a good move.


If you have questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you! and if you or someone you know needs help finding your next home in Dallas, contact our team today and put us to work for you!

As always, our team is here to answer questions and help any way we can. If you need information about the market, your neighborhood, or the value of your home, please let me know. 
Thanks so much for watching!
Until next time....    
Take Care!

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