Getting in the Way - Inspiration From Janelle

Disclosure: this week I'm not doing my usual housing market update. 

Really quick, the biggest news is that mortgage interest rates dropped again - and we even have a go-to lender offering a 30-year conventional mortgage at 2.5%
In most areas, below $600k is still a seller's market, above $1mil is still a buyer's market, and real estate in Dallas is still very active, more than usual for this time of year. 


Putting aside other housing market news that I usually include, this week, I was so inspired by a series of stories published in DMagazine, that I want to share just a few of those stories with you. 
2020 has been a year that got in the way. 
For some it got in the way of having a job, or keeping the doors to their business open. It got in the way of their health, having enough food, or being able to come home to their family at the end of the day. 

And yet, some amazing things have happened in 2020, simply because it got in the way.... like the story of Momentum Cafe where kids are feeding kids, or the Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum, and Emma Rodgers, the 70+ year old retiree reading bedtime stories to children.
There's RV's for MD's, Better Block, Dallas 24 Hour Club, Bonton Farms, and the North Texas Food Bank. 

There are multitudes of other stories involving entrepreneurs, front-line workers, care givers, high school students, restaurant owners, farmers, families, and the list goes on and on! 
If you need inspiration, you don't have far to look... pick up a copy of DMagazine and read some of the amazing stories. 

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2020 has gotten in the way.
And our City responded in a way no one could anticipate.
Dallas is a great place to live, and I'm so glad to be able to call Dallas my home. 


If you need help finding your next home in Dallas, contact our team today and let's get started. 

As always... our team is here to answer questions and help any way we can. I'll be back again soon with my usual housing market update. 
If you need information about the market, your neighborhood, or your home before then, please let me know - I'm glad to share. 
Until then, stay well! 
My best,

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